Coronavirus Safety Measures

For the safety of everyone, we require that everyone entering our office wear a face covering.  If you do not wear a face covering, we will not allow you to enter or remain in our office.  Also, we ask that any staff member, patient or visitor who has any symptoms of coronavirus, including fever, cough, chills, recent onset of shortness of breath, recently developed loss of smell or taste or recently developed nausea or diarrhea, not come to our office.

We have installed many safety items and procedures to minimize the risk of coronavirus infection to everyone in the office:  
(1) We have removed almost all of the chairs from the waiting room, positioned the remaining chairs so they are at least 6 feet apart, and we now provide most patients with pager disks (like the ones used at Panera Bread) and ask the patients to wait in their cars until we page them.  We page the patient when a nurse or medical assistant is ready to take them to a room, and the nurse or medical assistant meets the patient at the door and escorts them directly to an exam room. These pagers are sterilized after each use.  
(2) We have installed "sneeze guards" at the reception desks.  
(3) We have installed markers on the floor of our reception space to encourage social distancing.  
(4) We have lots of hand sanitizer, soap, sanitizing wipes, and sanitizing sprays, and all of the staff pitch in to thoroughly clean all day long. Each exam room is thoroughly cleaned after each parient use. 
(5) We are taking temperatures of staff members daily and patients as they enter the building.  Any staff member with a fever is sent home for the day.  Any patient with a fever is told that we cannot see them and that they should go to their primary doctor.  
(6) We ask all patients if they have any symptoms of coronavirus, i.e., fever, cough, shortness of breath, etc., and if they respond affirmatively, we will not see them and we tell them to contact their primary doctor.
(7) We instruct the staff to maintain social distancing in the office and remind them daily.
(8) We have staff performing some work from home when possible.



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